This is magic !

At 5:51 pm, 23rd February 2017, came the most magic moment in my life.

I brought a healthy, beautiful life to this world, I became a mother.

Everything happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to think. Around 10am on the 23rd February, I started feeling contraction, I thought it was nothing serious since my due day was a week later. I didn’t pay too much attention to it, I tried to go to the hop top, go to the massage chair, do some yoga, listened some soothing music to distract me. It didn’t work! The contraction became stronger and more frequent.

I called my husband around 2pm. telling him that I would not be able to go to the concert tonight since I was not feeling well. I tried to lay down on the sofa, the contraction came every 5 – 10 minutes. Now I think back, this was the difficult part of all. This is kind of the pain that tear you apart, and turn your stomach up side down. Yet it was beautiful, the loving waves that pushed the baby closer and closer to you.

The water broke around 4.30pm, until then, I noticed that I’m going to give birth. We rushed to the hospital, which is about 10 minutes drive. It was a beautiful day, sun was shining, very calm, no wind, I feel the warmth of the sun shining on my face, with the contraction, I know the time has came.

When we arrived the hospital, as soon as I walked out of the car, the rest of the water broke, I didn’t know quite what to do, but let the body do whatever it feels like. The midwife was a very young lady, probably my age or even younger. She checked me, it was opened 7cm, she said it had to open 10cm then the baby could come out.

fullsizeoutput_1558I immediately feel the rush, I pushed and it feels good. My husband was on my left, holding my hand, the midwife on the other side, I tried to hold her hand too. Because at that moment, you really need a strong hand to hold and you need to scream and breath. I remembered the yoga breath, I did couple of times and I screamed loud.

The baby came out after 3, 4 pushes, it was not difficult. I only felt a warm flow out of my body and immediately my husband put him on my belly, he started to cry and cry and cry. It was so beautiful. I hold him and thought “oh my god, that’s it”.

After only couple of minutes, I started to breastfeeding him.

I didn’t sleep at all the first night, I was overwhelmed with joy and grace. He was on my belly the whole night, he was so small and so beautiful.

Even today, after two weeks, I’m still digesting the fact that I’m a mother now. Things have changed for us. A family life it is, with a crying baby and everything.

Life is very good to us, we feel so lucky !

Welcome to this world, Birgir Lárusson.



Moonrise Kingdom

The moon has been incredibly beautiful these days in Iceland.

We will not be able to see moon in such a clear sky and without any disturb in big cities.

That’s one of the beauties in Iceland, you see well, you breath well and that gives you time to look inside yourself.

Every time when I look at the sea, I feel freedom and very very graceful.


moon at 4 p.m.


moon at 8 a.m.


moon at 5 p.m.


Because of one of her paintings, I recently discovered this New Yorker artist – Camilla Engstrom

Her style is simple, almost childish, but full of humour from daily life.

I love this kind of illustration, which enlighten your life and make you laugh.

Such artist as artist from Taiwan – Mr Paul and Petites Luxures from Paris, just to mention a few.


Copyright: Camilla Engstrom, Radiation

The Christmas is over, here comes the new year.

I wish everyone would have a lot of love, compassion and kindness in 2017 !



A letter on my 30th birthday.

Confucius  said, when one is 30, he should be able to stand firm on his own feet. It doesn’t mean that you should have a family, being married, having children, but to have a self-confidence, to have a goal in life. And today I turned 30, you can say it’s special, otherwise it’s just a number, we like to put labels, marks on everything to have them meaning. Although I want to use this opportunity to express my gratitude.


First of all, I want to thank my parents. They make how I am today, their genes, the education they gave me, the environement they created for me and most of all, they’re always respect and support my decisions. Secondly, the love of my life, my husband, Lárus. He always say that I came to Iceland to hear Sigur Rós but I have been hearing from him ever since. That’s true! Our encounter is like a fate that can not be explained. Every single day with him makes me smile and grow. He makes me a stronger woman. Thirdly, I want to thank my boss, Sveinn. He’s the rainbow in my life. I’m grateful and joyful everyday at work.

limetree_by_weynejin-d61krn6waterfall2_by_weynejin-d61kpgcBuddhism sees life as a tree. We are leaves on that tree. Every single person we meet, they make us grow and somehow change our path. You say goodbye to some people and another day you meet new ones. We shall let go the past and not bothering worry about the future since we never know what can happen. Live now, appreciate life and never judge. Therefore, I want to thank every single person that was and is in my life!

All you need is love

It was the first Christmas Eve that only me and my husband. And for the first time in my life, I made duck confit. Like my husband said “the taste of meat is really good but it’s a bit chewy, like an overcooked meat”.

I love Christmas, overwhelmed by the Christmas songs in the radio, smoky smell in the house, scanning the old recipes, buying Christmas gifts, sitting at the table at exactly 6 o’clock, listening to the Christmas mess in the radio. All these traditions bound families, friends together.

Everyone is loving and be loved.


Words written at the end of 2015

For no reason, I waked up at 2:30 am and couldn’t fall asleep again.

Many things come through my mind…

2015 has been a turning point for me. Two big trips, first to Thailand then the Cruise. Not only I experienced the parachute, taking picture with a tiger, but also a party in Miami beach. But most of all, I had a job, a job that I used to dream about, waking up in the kitchen, cutting onions, making crème brûlée, baking bread, etc. And what the dream comes true tastes like? Sweet-bitter.


I’m a very lucky person. In a way, I go by instinct. I don’t usually judge people. I believe that everyone is unique, has his struggles that no one knows. I respect other people’s opinions. I’m a good listener.

Yes, that’s what I’m good at – listening. On other hand, I wish I could be more enthusiastic, more optimistic. I want to be a goes.

Working in the kitchen teaches me how to be quick, be flexible, be determined and believe in myself. It’s both physical and mental demanding. But because it’s my passions, because I’m working with the people I like, I feel good and I always see my boss as my life safer in a way. He can certainly be a drama queen, but he’s reasonable and a man has the head in the cloud but feet in the earth.


Therefore I want to make some resolutions for 2016.

  1. keep being myself, never change.
  2. do what makes me happy, because only when you’re happy, can you make people around you happy.
  3. appreciate this wonderful life, express love more often.
  4. speak more Icelandic.
  5. read and listen French daily.
  6. have long hair for the summer.
  7. build a green house, having plants and take good care of them.
  8. start jogging.
  9. meditate 5 minutes per day.
  10. keep in touch with old friends.