One thing I learnt from this trip is the art of the silence. The sound of nature, you hear the wind blows, the grass dances, the stones roll into the tires, the tires smash the ground, river is a pianist, sometimes he’s smooth and sometimes he’s wild. When all these sounds crash into you, you just don’t want any music anymore.

I don’t have the words for what I really experience in Iceland. And I think the reason is very simple, I just can’t believe. People say Iceland does magic; I think it’s fairly true. I didn’t believe in destiny, I try not to dramatize things, however, I have to say that I’m in love.

That morning, if I didn’t go to that café, if I just had breakfast at hostel, if I went earlier or later, if I picked another table, if I didn’t look into his eyes…then we’ll never start our adventure.

I must say, you cannot know a person in several days, but I felt that I could trust this person 100%. We are so different but something unexplainable connects us together. Most of the time, he’s just driving or cooking or looking into my eyes. He has that pale blue eyes, clear like a peaceful hot spring, it seems very calm and mysterious, but deep down, it’s a 100 degrees water, passionate, pure and somehow dangerous. I never know what he thinks when he looks calmly into my eyes, for a long time. Sometimes, I have to look anywhere else to escape his regard.

I don’t know if it’s love or it’s because the magical Icelandic landscape dazzled my mind. I feel just all right with him. It seems that nothing’s impossible with him and I’m afraid of nothing.

The only thing I bought from Iceland was a photography book about the abandoned farms, in black and white.

On the cover, he signed “Life can only be understood backwards; but must be lived forwards”.

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