To meet your soul

Few days ago, I met a couple who works for “doTerra“, an America based essential oil company, which awake my interests to the oil. My knowledge to oils are limited, I know they can be used aromatically and with or without dilution. But I didn’t know if the oil is pure enough they can even be used internally. For example, add a only one drop of lemon/peppermint oil to water or tea.

Jökulsárlon – Iceland

I always believe we are what we eat and be the food your medicine . The history of Chinese herbology or Zhong Yao in Chinese can back to 2800 BC. I still remember when I was little, my grandmother boiled herbs, the smell is “awful” if you are not used to it. But when you drink it, first it’s very bitter, then come the scene of sweet and fruity. You can even addicted to it. Unlike the western medicine, which has most often immediate effect on your body, the Chinese herbs work slowly but entirely from inside out of your body.

The nature has a lot to offer. We should respect and be humble. There’s lady named Kristbjörg in Iceland, she established a company “Blómadropa” (flower drops in English). She was first of all a yoga teacher and a spiritual flower hunter as I like to call. She will go to the very remote area in Iceland, meditate in the mountains and pick up wild Icelandic flowers, then refine the essential oil from the flowers. Very similar to the essential oils that I know of, they are from flowers.


Yesterday after dinner, I had a friend coming for a long chat. We started talking about the babies, relationships etc. She herself is a mother of two beautiful children and a learnt yoga teacher. She also believe very much in the power of Nature and meditation. She gave me some advices on how to meditate as beginner. She said you could imagine yourself a flower. And you slowly climbing on to the pedals, then inside the flower, be there, observe the flower around you, protect you, give you energy, and slowly climb down when you finished. Another way to meditate is to scan your body, from the top of you head to the tip or your toes.

Nowadays, everyone is busy occupying others’ business. What we should do, is to sit quietly and have a conversation with our inner soul. How’s your body feel like ? What’s on your mind ? Do you truly love yourself ?




Blind people society

Today we bought an old-fashioned baby bed in “Blindrafélagið“(Icelandic organization of the visually impaired).

My husband told me that they had been hand making baby bed for centuries. Both himself and all of his children slept in this bed.

Unlike the bed most people would buy in either IKEA or commercial store, I like to buy from handicap people. It’s a good course.

In Iceland, handicap people are being taken very good care of. All the public facilities are for them.

I hope our little contribution will help a little bit for the society.


Happiness is not about having a lot, but being “careless”.

Over the weekend, we drove to Selfoss, where one of the biggest National Park of Iceland is. It was 50-year-old birthday of a friend.

It was so beautiful on the way, snow covering the mountains, mosses, and the sky, it was kind of blue that take your breath away.

I feel very lucky every time I see the landscape like this.


The hotel we stayed called “Borealis“, very warming and family-friendly atmosphere. The party went very well, I even saw the Northern light after dinner. They were so bright and dancing through the sky.


Happiness is as simple as that, it’s not about having a lot of “stuff”, but being a bit “careless”. We should live in harmony and sometimes think in other people’s shoes, let go things. What belongs to you will eventually come to you, what doesn’t belong to you, whatever you do, it will only go away from you.



Let’s make baby

One of my favorite Icelandic song writers and singers – Moses Hightower, published a song called “Búum til börn” (Let’s make baby) in 2010.

Það er enginn vafi, eitthvað vantar.
Ég held þú vitir hvað það er
því þú veist að við eigum ekki heima
úti í horni ein og sér.

Lofðu mér að liðka fyrir,
látum okkur líða vel.

Ég er ekki bara að hugsa um yðar einlægan,
það er ekki það sem vakir fyrir mér.

Búum til börn!

Sumir segja að eitt sé alltof mikið
en sjálfur fæ ég aldrei nóg.
Ég lofa að blessun eykst með barni hverju.
Berum ávöxt, verum frjó.

There is no doubt that something is missing.
I think you know what it is,
because you know we don’t belong
in a corner by ourselves.
I am not thinking about your sincere one,
that is not my intention.
Let’s make babies.
Some say that one is too much
but I never get enough myself.
I promise that each child is a blessing.
Let’s bear fruit, let’s be fertile.
I am not thinking about your sincere one,
that is not my intention.
Let’s make babies.

Extra virgin cod liver oil

You heard about extra virgin olive oil, but have you heard about extra virgin cod liver oil ? And here, in the remote Westfjords in Iceland, they cold pressed the cod liver oil, to make it purer and more nutritional.

We all know that fish oil is rich in omega-3 and vitamin D, good for your brain, eyes, joints, etc. Specially in Iceland, where sunshine is a big missing part. People have been taken cod liver oil for a long time.


Moonrise Kingdom

The moon has been incredibly beautiful these days in Iceland.

We will not be able to see moon in such a clear sky and without any disturb in big cities.

That’s one of the beauties in Iceland, you see well, you breath well and that gives you time to look inside yourself.

Every time when I look at the sea, I feel freedom and very very graceful.


moon at 4 p.m.


moon at 8 a.m.


moon at 5 p.m.