This is magic !

At 5:51 pm, 23rd February 2017, came the most magic moment in my life.

I brought a healthy, beautiful life to this world, I became a mother.

Everything happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to think. Around 10am on the 23rd February, I started feeling contraction, I thought it was nothing serious since my due day was a week later. I didn’t pay too much attention to it, I tried to go to the hop top, go to the massage chair, do some yoga, listened some soothing music to distract me. It didn’t work! The contraction became stronger and more frequent.

I called my husband around 2pm. telling him that I would not be able to go to the concert tonight since I was not feeling well. I tried to lay down on the sofa, the contraction came every 5 – 10 minutes. Now I think back, this was the difficult part of all. This is kind of the pain that tear you apart, and turn your stomach up side down. Yet it was beautiful, the loving waves that pushed the baby closer and closer to you.

The water broke around 4.30pm, until then, I noticed that I’m going to give birth. We rushed to the hospital, which is about 10 minutes drive. It was a beautiful day, sun was shining, very calm, no wind, I feel the warmth of the sun shining on my face, with the contraction, I know the time has came.

When we arrived the hospital, as soon as I walked out of the car, the rest of the water broke, I didn’t know quite what to do, but let the body do whatever it feels like. The midwife was a very young lady, probably my age or even younger. She checked me, it was opened 7cm, she said it had to open 10cm then the baby could come out.

fullsizeoutput_1558I immediately feel the rush, I pushed and it feels good. My husband was on my left, holding my hand, the midwife on the other side, I tried to hold her hand too. Because at that moment, you really need a strong hand to hold and you need to scream and breath. I remembered the yoga breath, I did couple of times and I screamed loud.

The baby came out after 3, 4 pushes, it was not difficult. I only felt a warm flow out of my body and immediately my husband put him on my belly, he started to cry and cry and cry. It was so beautiful. I hold him and thought “oh my god, that’s it”.

After only couple of minutes, I started to breastfeeding him.

I didn’t sleep at all the first night, I was overwhelmed with joy and grace. He was on my belly the whole night, he was so small and so beautiful.

Even today, after two weeks, I’m still digesting the fact that I’m a mother now. Things have changed for us. A family life it is, with a crying baby and everything.

Life is very good to us, we feel so lucky !

Welcome to this world, Birgir Lárusson.



39 weeks

I don’t know weather it’s my mind or it’s truly happening, when I waked up this morning, I could feel waves of “fake”contractions. I can feel the head of the baby has already down at the cervix.

It’s only 10 days until due day. Technically speaking, the baby could come any time now. It’s so exciting just to imagine there’ll be another person in our life, all the joys he will be bringing.

This time, four years ago, I was still sitting on the 90th floors of Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, wondering which path I should take.

Life reserves us a lot of surprises. You just have to follow your heart and be patient.



One thing we do everyday and we sometimes forget to do is to breath. Of course you’ll never really “forget” to do it because it comes so naturally from our body. But how about concentrating nothing but breathing. When did you do it last time ?

It’s such a great feeling, to feel the cool air flow into your lung, go through your body and your mind, slowly out of your nose along with all the worries. In Hindu yoga, breathing is called “Pranayama“. It connects deeply with our mind and body, leads you into a hynosis state.


Before my morning yoga, I usually drop one essential oil in my palm and breath deeply into it, it takes me immediately into the yogi mood. Among which I use most often are Frankincense, wild orange and peppermint.

Here’s an article about the unity of yoga and essential oil from DoTERRA.

Strictly speaking, yoga is composed of three parts, in my opinion: asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing technique), and meditation. Yet, it’s not obvious to combine all three of them, it takes a lot of time and practise. However like everything, it’s essential to start somewhere, the rest is just the journey, you don’t have to worry anything anymore, since what’s important is not the destination but the journey.


In the pursure of Buddha way

With food we can share and communicate our emotions. It’s that mindset of sharing that is really what you’re eating. There is no difference between cooking and pursuing Buddha’s way. It’s been almost half a century since I entered this way. I did it in pursuit of enlightenment. I am not a chef. I am a monk.

– Jeong Kwan

Creativity and ego can not go together. If you free yourself from the comparing and jealous mind, your creativity opens up endlessly. Just as water springs from a mountain,  creativity springs from every moment. 

You must not be your own obstacle. You must not be owned by the environment you are in. You must own the environment, the phenomenal world around you. You must be able to freely move in and out of your mind. This is being free.
At least, this is my belief. 

Buddha way is “live the moment” way, it’s about treat the ingredients with care and respect, being humble and forget about yourself.

To meet your soul

Few days ago, I met a couple who works for “doTerra“, an America based essential oil company, which awake my interests to the oil. My knowledge to oils are limited, I know they can be used aromatically and with or without dilution. But I didn’t know if the oil is pure enough they can even be used internally. For example, add a only one drop of lemon/peppermint oil to water or tea.

Jökulsárlon – Iceland

I always believe we are what we eat and be the food your medicine . The history of Chinese herbology or Zhong Yao in Chinese can back to 2800 BC. I still remember when I was little, my grandmother boiled herbs, the smell is “awful” if you are not used to it. But when you drink it, first it’s very bitter, then come the scene of sweet and fruity. You can even addicted to it. Unlike the western medicine, which has most often immediate effect on your body, the Chinese herbs work slowly but entirely from inside out of your body.

The nature has a lot to offer. We should respect and be humble. There’s lady named Kristbjörg in Iceland, she established a company “Blómadropa” (flower drops in English). She was first of all a yoga teacher and a spiritual flower hunter as I like to call. She will go to the very remote area in Iceland, meditate in the mountains and pick up wild Icelandic flowers, then refine the essential oil from the flowers. Very similar to the essential oils that I know of, they are from flowers.


Yesterday after dinner, I had a friend coming for a long chat. We started talking about the babies, relationships etc. She herself is a mother of two beautiful children and a learnt yoga teacher. She also believe very much in the power of Nature and meditation. She gave me some advices on how to meditate as beginner. She said you could imagine yourself a flower. And you slowly climbing on to the pedals, then inside the flower, be there, observe the flower around you, protect you, give you energy, and slowly climb down when you finished. Another way to meditate is to scan your body, from the top of you head to the tip or your toes.

Nowadays, everyone is busy occupying others’ business. What we should do, is to sit quietly and have a conversation with our inner soul. How’s your body feel like ? What’s on your mind ? Do you truly love yourself ?



Meditation is in everyday life

If you ask a person has he/she ever been meditated ? The answer would probably be no.

Meditation seems to be a big word that scare people away, “Meditate ? Are you nut ? I’m no monk or saint. I’m too busy.”

But what actually is meditation ? In my opinion, it’s all about doing something mindfully, with your full attention, whatever it’s cleaning, cooking, making bed, listening rock n’ roll or sitting in peace and quiet.

o-beach-meditation-facebookWe have a friend, he meditates through heavy mental. In the beginning, I’m really surprised how could he stay focused and have peaceful mind in such a “noisy” surrounding.

This morning, when I was changing bed sheets, I meditated. I did the whole thing slowly and carefully, instead of hurry things up and think it’s an annoying task. My husband told me that once he dated a lady who worked in hotel and had to change bed sheets everyday and she had the most beautiful muscles on the back shoulders that he ever known.


Yesterday on the radio, there’s a man talking about his meditate. He said that he practising yoga frequently and meditate through an APP. You can turn the APP from 15 minutes up to 2 hours’ meditation. This is pretty smart I think. It’s a combination of technology and ancient wisdom. As a person spend quite a time on internet, I started googling. The first APP came up was “Calm“. It also has the feature to help improving sleep. I think it’s essential for everyone to find their own way of meditate.