Love is all around

After having watched “love actually”, for me, Christmas has officially began. Even though we don’t have tradition to spend Christmas in China, being in foreign countries for 8 years, I find its extreme cozy being around the people you love and love you, wherever they are.

December will just float like water, decorations, gifts, food (lots of salmon, herring and smoked stuff). I shall keep up with my icelandic and hot yoga. And to conclude the November resolution, I did break it by having Champagne twice! (It’s impossible to resist). Yet I love green smoothie, it’s not a diet but a life style.

Therefore for December, I will try to stick to the green smoothie/toast plan for lunch and eat more protein for dinner. I have to put on some weight and get to the balance, because, from January, I’ll be going to school.





A milestone

Yesterday I just kicked a milestone, my weight dropped under 36kg. Don’t make it wrong, I’m not here to say how proud or anxious about it. I know, I’m way too skinny compare to the normal standard and it’s not good for a healthy human body.

But I must say, I’m feeling really good, thanks to the green smoothie. The thing is, it’s not only about the smoothie, it’s a change of total eating habit. As people say “all changes are hard at beginning, messy in the middle but glorious in the end”.


A goal without a plan is just a wish.

I’ve been sticking to the green smoothie challenge for over 10 days now, and I’m feeling great.

It’s not difficult at all, on the contrary, it helps to cut down my fruit consume. I used to eat A LOT OF fruits for lunch, and I feel somehow it’s not good because it’s not balanced.

From the beginning of the November, I have a smoothie and a toast with cheese, sometimes an espresso with piece of black chocolate for dessert.


A well deserved toast with a green smoothie, santé!

Yoga is good but hot yoga is better! It’s said that the heat open up the cells and make the body more flexible, thus better for the yoga practice. I’ve not tried the hot yoga until I started in World Class about two weeks ago.

Anyway, I’ve been going to hot yoga at least 3 times a week and a green smoothie afterwards? It’s just divine!


The best way to beat your enemy is to face it!

In earlier post, I mentioned that I have sometimes the craving for bread. And it happened again two times last week and it was a nightmare. It took me a whole week to recover. I can’t keep like this, this illness has to stop.

The best diet is a balanced one, no food is “healthy” or “unhealthy”. It all depends on how much you have it. Butter is fat but it can also be the cheery on a cake. We should not exclude an element from the pyramids, it may only lead to a collapse, in my case, a craving!

Therefore, both yesterday and today’s lunch, I made a toast (sour dough bread) with a cheese and a green smoothie. And I’m feeling really good, not only I’m satisfied with myself but in my mind I’m feeling much better.

And both yesterday and today’s smoothies were pretty good: home-made almond milk, spinach/kale, avocado (key to make it smooth), banana (for the digest), kiwi (for the Vc) and hemp seed (coconut for today). I start to like the idea of smoothie, because it’s not like a juice, in smoothie, you also eat the fiber.

Life is beautiful, keep focusing!


In my 2nd day’s smoothie, the ingredients are below: lettuce leaves, cucumber, coconut, seeds, oranges, paprika, feta cheese (well ok this one was a bit weird), black olive (why not), mango and pepper mint tea as liquid.

What if I literately blend this bow of salad into smoothie, what would it be? Not very appetizing I would think.

Even though I made up my mind to take the 30 days green smoothie challenges. I do prefer the food as they are, apple should be crunchy, spinach should have a funny effect to the mouth and after eating mango, you would spend the next five minutes tipping your teeth and so on. That’s the real food, the real feeling.


However, it’s very convenient and appealing to those who doesn’t have time to prepare lunch, also those who don’t eat much fruits and greens.