Kiss me, it’s my birthday!

I dreamt that I was swimming in the ocean.

Large bodies of water, like a sea or the ocean, are usually considered to symbolize your unconscious and your emotions.

If you dream of swimming underwater, then you may be exploring your unconscious, doing some soul-searching or inner work and undergoing inner changes.

Looking back 2016, it’s a changing point for me. We travelled 9 countries, my parents and cousin came to Iceland in summer, and my pregnancy is the cherry of a cake.

Sometimes, I wonder how I life would be if I haven’t met my husband. I would probably still like Alice in the wonderland, searching for the happiness. One of the most precious things that I learnt from being with my husband is the FAMILY value. He has a big family, and I always believe that man has big family also has a big heart.

I must admit that I’m a lucky girl. Life has been very good to me. I believe one of the most important things is that you have always to be honest to yourself, only that, you can be satisfied of your choice and be happy, thus make people around you happy as well.

At my 31st birthday, I only wish that the people love me and I love are happy and healthy. Life is a journey, we come across some people at some point of our life, this is destiny, however and whenever it ends, it makes part of our life. We should appreciate everyday wake up in the sunshine, breath the fresh air, have people we love around us and be able to say “I love you”.



Coin coin

I believe that everyone knows about foie gras, a tradition french dish, especially served during the Christmas and winter time. It’s kind a love or hate dish because of some mentality issues. I only like it in very small amount during Christmas. But how about dreaming of being one of the geese, forced to eat eat eat and eat? Trust me, I couldn’t be happier when I waked up this morning.

I think one of the reasons I had this dream is that my boyfriend has been saying to me that I should eat more and I’m becoming too skinny. Personally, I believe you’re what you eat, if you can not control your mouth, you probably be a person without very much of discipline.


foie gras parfait with port wine and parmesan foam
picture source: Cookie Chomper

Frozen elephant yoghurt

I had a fairly strange dream last night – being an elephant putting into the fridge!
“Do you think you (as elephant) could be fit into a fridge?”
“Not when I’m still alive…”
(People laugh)

I believe those who read “Little prince” know better the original story. With the same drawing, the adults see a hat yet the little prince see a snake swallow a huge elephant! I always remember the story. It was good.
so I have absolutely no idea why I dream being an elephant.

Most of the time, I remember my dream. Like a week before, I dreamt flying, like a witch. That was nice. I believe that has something to do with my driving license since I just got one during that time.


also used to dream a lot about losing all my teeth. That was terrible! Although since I went to the teeth doctor a month ago, I haven’t dreamt it yet.

Anyhow, dream stays a dream. Some people say it’s your mind mix everything you see and hear during the day with your very deep thought. I don’t know. The only thing I find fascinating is that if one can remember, even better, draw all his dream, he’d be the most creative and great artist in the world.

I remember when I was a small girl, living in Shanghai, every morning, we have milk-deliver to our home, very fresh, in a glass bottle. And I love specially the yoghurt, they’re sour and old and extremely tasty. You don’t get this kind of yoghurt nowadays. So I decided to make my own.

I did make before but with a machine, then I realised that the only thing you need is the perfect temperature. First heat 1L of milk right below the boiling point, secondly let the milk cooling down until it’s just warm to touch, thirdly stir in half box of plain yoghurt slowly, last but not the least, keep the mixture in a warm place for 6 hours at least (depends on how thick you like your yoghurt is).

And ta….daaaa…the result is quite satisfactory. I love home-made stuff, they’re much more healthy and fun.

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Killer inside

Yesterday I had a dream that I accidentally killed the project manager of my boyfriend and was trying to blame the crime on my cousin, how terrible it is!
Mostly I can remember my dreams. I used to have a book to note every dreams I had. Sometimes, I even force myself to wake up to write down the keywords (then I found the ideal nit genius since I could not fall asleep again afterward).
There’s a dream that I have had more than once, more than twice, is that I lose all my teeth. This dream is so real that I cried for joy after waking up. People say it means the new born. I think it’s simply because that I have the teeth that I really proud of that I don’t want to lose them. Cause the dream for me is nothing but the reflection/mixture of the reality and all the stuffs we’ve been thinking during the day.
I recently read that we can actually “control” our dreams, in the way we think something we want to dream of before going to sleep.
Dream – Draumur – La rêve – 梦