Extra virgin cod liver oil

You heard about extra virgin olive oil, but have you heard about extra virgin cod liver oil ? And here, in the remote Westfjords in Iceland, they cold pressed the cod liver oil, to make it purer and more nutritional.

We all know that fish oil is rich in omega-3 and vitamin D, good for your brain, eyes, joints, etc. Specially in Iceland, where sunshine is a big missing part. People have been taken cod liver oil for a long time.



Sophisticated Chinese New Year sweet treat

We all know that France is famous for their sweets, but do you know that in China we also have very sophisticated dessert, specially when it comes to the Chinese new year.


Chai Pao (soaked in tea)

They are more of a art than a food. They are made of a special Chinese winter melon, carefully craved then cooked in a sugar syrup for a long time. And then slowly dry with the wind.

To enjoy, make a cup of green tea, and drop in one piece of sweet melon.


Zao tang (candy for the Kitchen God)

A sweet original from Northern China.

It is a kind of candy made of maltose that people in China use as a sacrifice to the kitchen god around the twenty third day of the twelfth lunar month just before Chinese New Year. Guandong tang refers to stick shaped candy with a thickness of 2 cm and a hollow in the center. Tanggua is made into melon shape and sometimes with sesame on the surface.

Embankment House

Lessons from a building in Shanghai.Shanghai’s Embankment House.Among Shanghai’s many architectural gems is a sprawling, curved edifice that was once the largest apartment building in Asia, a building that more than half a century ago played a role in saving many thousands of lives. It’s set just on the north side of Suzhou Creek, a… Read More »

Source: Embankment House

Icelandic skyr, cream and BLUEBERRIES !!

When I lived in France, my regular breakfast was toast (with butter and jam), soft boiled egg and coffee. And this habit hadn’t been changed for almost four years !

And now, four year since I’m in Iceland, I believe that I found my new love, which is plain skyr, cream and blueberries. These three things go perfectly together. I was not a big fan of cream, but Icelandic cream they’re so good that you can hardly say no to it. And Icelandic skyr? It’s becoming a trendy in some restaurants to either serve it as an appetite or dessert, of course, they’ll do something fancier to enlighten the humble skyr. For most Icelanders, skyr means school, kids and not fancy at all ! One of my friends, she got so “amazed” when it’s served with a lobster soup.


In one of the finest restaurants in Reykjavik, they serve skyr as appetite with olive oil and basil oil tomato confit.


In Iceland, bilberries (known as aðalbláber, or “prime blueberry”) grow predominantly in Westfjords and the surrounding area. In most of the country, the closely related bláber occupy the same habitat. Both species are commonly found growing with dwarf birch and crowberries. Wild growth is vast compared to the population of Iceland and wildharvesting is legal. As a consequence, it is a popular activity in August when the berry season peaks. A popular use for bilberries is to eat them with skyr.

There’re two annual blueberry pick up festival in Iceland, one is in Súðavík (Blueberry days) in the West Fjords and another one is Ólafsfjörður, which is also an art and music festival. Both festivals run from August 16 to 18.

















Let’s start today’s blog with a story, a story about the famous DAVID.

One day Michelangelo was asked by a journalist of his time, “how did you create this most amazing masterpiece, David?” to which Michelangelo responded, “it was easy, I went to the quarry. I saw this huge piece of marble and in it, I saw David. All I needed to do was to chip away the excess stone, to get rid of the marble that shouldn’t have been there. And when I got rid of this excess stone, there was David.

I heard this story from a public course of Harvard, called “Positive Psychology”, namely how to be happIER. The study shows that even in school like Harvard, some students are depressed and unhappy, including the professor who delivered this course. It may sound strange but absolutely true. For example, in a match, you expect to be in top three, but in the end you only get eight. Some people will think negatively that he’s so disappointed about himself, that he should have done this or that. While some people will learn from the loss, “well this time, I didn’t do good enough, it’s because…but next time, I’ll do better.” Same things happen, two totally different reactions. What we should do is to learn from the loss not to being regret all the time. We can not change the past but we can improve the future.

2012-12-22 12.51.13

Happiness is a lifelong pursuit. It’s not 1 or 0. Are you happy? It’s a meaningless question. The real question is HOW. Back to the DAVID story, easy said than done. In real life, it’s not obvious to do the subtraction. We’re adding too much on our shoulders, money, status, fame, self-esteem, etc. In the end, we feel breathless, but our self-esteem is so high that we refuse to say “please help, I’m weak”. We’re always on the run, busy managing the family life, social life, relations…but how many time we leave to ourselves? Tell the true, how many times you feel uncomfortable when it comes to the silence? Can you sit around a fireplace, just to enjoy the beauty of the stillness? I’m sure if I ask these questions to my friends, they would probably laugh at me. Stay still? Are you mad? My salary of an hour is hundred dollars.

My grandmother ask me something I didn’t expect “do you think your mum is happy?” I almost cried when she asked. I know exactly what she means. Having both her father and her sister sick, she’s doing everything on her own, I can only help until next month, then I’ll be going to another end of the planet. Plus the relation between my dad and my mum doesn’t help neither. He’s an intelligent man but his self-esteem is so high that he refuses to show any weakness. His character is also something very special. I would have gone crazy if I were her.

One’s character decides his destiny

There’re many things in the world you can not simply give an answer YES or NO. It’s not like when you’re madly in love with a person, when he asks you DO YOU LOVE ME.

Chinese people do a tremendous job with it. They never say YES neither NO. They say YES MAYBE or NO BUT…You can not blame on them, millions of years history makes this nation learnt something called GRAY.

2013-03-01 10.15.32

They believe that being in the MIDDLE is the safest, saying something GRAY is the most polite way. They let you understand their true meaning.

I read something this morning: Be ware of what you think cause it’ll become your speech; be ware of your speech cause it’ll become your action; be ware of your action cause it’ll become your habit; be ware of your habit cause it’ll influence your character; be ware of your character cause it decides your destiny.

2013-03-01 10.13.13