A very unusual Halloween

It was one of the best Halloween I’ve ever had. No crazy make-up, no ridiculous costumes and most of all, no alcohol. And I’m feeling great and refreshed! I must admit that it was not easy saying no to my favorite Bourgogne Pinot Noir. But a decision is a decision, I’m determined to stick to the plan.

We were first invited to a dinner at a relative’s home, they are amazing cooks. Home-cured Icelandic lamb as starter and smoked wild salmon as main, serve with a simple green salad (green grapes, lettuce leaves and pomegranate seeds). Even the boiled potatoes are very tasty, they’re small and new. I still remember last time we were invited to them, and we had a reindeer which she hunted! It totally blew me away.

The dinner was so good that we were 15 minutes late for an Icelandic play – The women at 1000 degrees, which I’m very interested going to see. The story is about a granddaughter of the first president of Iceland.

Since it was the one day anniversary of a local restaurent, we decided to go there have a drink. It’s a Korean-Icelandic mixed styled bistro. Meaning they use the local ingredients like cod and lamb, and tempura/deep fried them, kimchi is also very much on the menu. We had a deep fried green beans with cucumber pickles. I was very curious to try the Tofu cheese with strawberry, too bad they were sold out.

We called off the night by going to a newly opened hotel – Alda. They were promoting the Jack Daniel’s whisky, the waiters were dressed like doctors, which make the bar looks like a labatoria. I had a grape juice based non-alcohol cocktail, quite refreshing.

Again, I’m very pleased that I was not drinking any alcohol and this morning when I waked up by the crazy wind at 7h15, I’m feeling fairly well even though we didn’t go to sleep until 3 o’clock in the morning.




Looking back my Halloween history, mostly went wild. But it was the youth, now I’m feeling I’m over that stage and want a more cozy life.


Mr. Glacier and his K bar

More and more restaurants, bars, guest houses, souvenir shops …

The tourist business is booming in Reykjavik.


Last night, I went to a restaurant bar only few steps from where I live, called “K-bar”, I understood the meaning of “K” as soon as I see the menu. Korean, japanese, asian infused. It’s totally my cup of tea.

The decoration is retro, canteen-styled, warm, cozy.


When we talked to the owner, he said that it’s his 3rd opening in Reykjavik, he has another one called “OK Hotel”, and the reason for this famous “K” is also because his wife and daughter has letter “K” in their names, how sweet is it!


Since they just opened two days ago, the cocktail they’re having are limited, I tried one of their house cocktails – Cilantro Sour, which I thought was Silencio (a trendy David Lynch night club in Paris). I totally loved it. It’s made of gin, lime juice, sugar syrup and coriander. It’s smooth, attractive and refreshing.


One of the funnies thing is that the name of the owner of the bar is Jökull, which in Icelandic means Glacier.

“oh man It makes me want to be an art student again…”

I have to be honest, I’ve been clubbing a lot in Paris. My very first club experience here is at Show Case,  an elegant parisian club under the bridge with the golden status Alexandre III. It’s chic but nothing special. Then the famous Social Club, Rex Club, they have the good reputations. Then more and more, you have these “private” clubs, they’re underground, media-avoid, hide in a small street and most of the time, they’ve black doors and no name on it. You have to know the place. These clubs are like Silencio, Le Magnifique, Experimental Cocktail Bar, etc. Others are like the bars of the hotel, just to name a few, Mama Shelter, Hôtel Particulier, Dokhan’s Champagne Bar, etc. 


The entrance to the party

But there’s nothing to see with the “club” I went yesterday, with the crazy art students! Invited by a friend of mine who studied in Ecole des beaux arts, I went with two other friends. We arrived at round 21h, the front door is closed to the public, and the doorman didn’t let anyone in! Plan B, we called the friend whose already inside the party, to open the back door for us. To the back door, we saw a couple who wanted to get into by plan B as well and the guy told us that his cousin can open the door for us since he works in the school and he has the KEYS. After almost half an hour, a guy appeared at the back door, signed us to follow, there we go. Hello, ecole des beaux arts!


My phone puts scary effort to the picture, i don’t know why…


The barman with his fake-fruit-red-hair

I’ve never been into this school. I don’t know if it’s because of the night or the inner-architecture; the whole school is quite “middle-aged” and most of the status are headless! And they’ve a huge tree in a yard, which is pretty awesome. People are dressing crazy (compare to the “normal” French people) and the music is house/electronic. 2 euros for a drink, good ambience, fancy people. I think it’s quite the kind of party I like. I asked one of the students is there anything special to celebrate, she said no, just like this, from time to time, they organize the parties like this.


Huge tree in the garden, with a…tent?! WTH


Crazy guy with his…buoy…weird


Sexy back hmmmm~ 

I think the best party is always the one you go with your converse and have to make effort to get into with the insane crowds. 

Have a nice day, bad news, it’s raining again…!

Here comes the sun!

After a long depressing gloomy rainy week in Paris, finally there comes the sun!

It smells like summer today, people are in a better mood, much better! I love winter, and the people from there as well, they’re much more creative and more into the extreme. Many of the famous designers are from the cold country, in architecture as well as in fashion. To be honest, I’m not a “beach” person, I don’t really like laying under the sun and get tanned. I’m more into the mountains, the ski, and the forest. But still, I’m glad that it’s finally sunny.


After an interview near Concorde, I took rue Saint-Honoré, window shopping the design stores then went to the Colette. I go there from time to time, not to buy, just to be informed the latest trend. And I discovered a photographer with a strange name:Koto Bolofo. His book called Dreams attracted my attention immediately. Then I learned that he’s born in South Africa, moved to Britain when he’s little with his father. After living as political refugees for nearly 25 years, Bolofo and his father returned to South Africa, an experience documented in his short film The Land Is White, the Seed Is Black. His keen eye for lively, dynamic images has won him accolades for his fashion photography—Bolofo editorials have appeared in VogueGQ andInterview, to name a few; his advertising clients include Burberry, Levi’s and Hermès.

Vogue Germany, model: Lily Cole

I used to live 5-minutes-walk from Colette, it was a tiny little studio on the 6th floor. During a year, I lived there, it was the happiest period since I’m in Paris, stress-free, economically fine and curious about everything! Not like now, I have to worry about my future, about earning money, and so many déjà vus, but i think it’s where the real life starts.


Translations: HERE, the possible is already done; the impossible is on the way; and the miracle will be 48 hours’ late.

I ignore how much time the sun will stay, but as long as there’s sun, I’m happy !

By the way, I have to mention a bar I went yesterday, it’s surprisingly nice! The mussels and French fries are free with a drink! The pub called “Tribal Café” on the cours des petites-écuries , quite popular, I’m sure to go back one day.


Another great news is that one of my favorite trumpets Roy Hargrove will be performing at a jazz club “New Morning” next monday, I just can’t wait! I was at this concert last year with his band “The RH Factor”, it was just breath-taking!

“Stuff Parisians Like”

Today I want to talk about this book, his french title is ”Dessine-moi un Parisien”, english title is ”Stuff Parisians Like”. Well it’s been almost 2 years that this book has been published. In this book, he talks about the clichés we say about Parisians, from the food, the behaviors, the religions, the relations, etc.


Image Picnic under the Eiffel TowerImage

Berthillon ice-cream in Saint-Michel


Lots of sushis!!! (especially at noon)


The Ski

The author, Olivier Magny, is a 100% parisian, not only he’s the author of the book, more importantly, and what makes him more famous, is his wine bar, located in the 3rd area of Paris. The name of the bar is ”Ô Chateau”. I went there once with a friend, the atmosphere is quite romantic and intimate. They have also a fine wine list. For those who loves wine and who’s interested of the clichés about Parisian, it’s a good address.

Ô Chateau: 68 rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau, Paris.


Entrance for the artists

If you are IN enough, you must know about “prescription” or “experenmental cocktail bar”. Well with the same person, they opened a 3rd one near Oberkamph, an area becoming more and more artistic! The bar is well-derserved of his name “L’entrée des artistes”, which in english means the entrance for the artists.

Just as two other bars, it’s absolutely low-key. You’ll never notice it if you don’t know about it. Even the whole street is quite calm. Once you enter the bar, it’s another world. It’s a tiny, cost,french neo-bistrot. They make the fin cocktail as well as the wine. You can have tapas there with your lovely cocktail. The price of cocktail is round 11 euros and the snacks are from 6 euros to 14 euros.

A good charming cocktail/wine bar to discover!

L’Entrée des artistes: 8 rue de crussol, 75011





A French Heritage – Cointreau

Cointreau is a type of alcohol made from orange. And recently, the company who fabric this got a label of ”The Living Heritage” from the Ministry of economy, finance and industry of France. Yesterday, we went toa ephemeral club in the 1st area, cointreau privé, where we drink only the cocktails based with this alcohol. It’s a basement club, decorated with the red velvet curtain, vintage sofa, 20s’-style-lamp and old wallpapr, very romantic. At first, i thought the music would be electronic, rock but not at all! It was JAZZ!

Oh, I can’t express how much I love jazz, plus it’s been a while that I didn’t go for a jazz concert. During the live, there’s a black jazz dancer, with the sexy black pearls, who fire the stage. I’m totally love it! The cocktail is round 10 euros and you have some snakes as well from 6 euros. This Thursday is the cloture of this club, if you’re in Paris and you’re a jazz avid, you shouldn’t miss that!

Other companies who obtain this heritage are, for example, Lilaque, Baccarat and Christofle.