36 weeks

My due day is exactly after a month.

This thought makes me both exciting and somehow anxious since my mum had a early birth which means it could happen to me anytime in February.

I was reading Ina Mary’s Guide to Childbirth. The stories they narrated when they give birth. Mostly talking about how the childbirth have transformed them into another stronger person, the part of selfishness slowly fading away. It must be magic !

     Through the process of natural childbirth, I gained a lot of confidence in myself. I left my comfort zone and the culture I had grown up with. I learned that I can work through scary and painful situations and be strong and present when I need to be. My fear of not knowing how to be a good mother has disappeared as my confidence in my intuition of how to love Grace has increased. I have felt incredible energy and life force through my body, and I have really been reborn a happier, healthier, and more confident person. I have learned I can choose to focus on the darker side or the lighter side of all that is around me. I choose the lighter side and have the discipline to keep it up.

The Joy of Delivering Grace – April 30, 2000

by Kathryn B. Van de Castle


2 thoughts on “36 weeks

  1. Hi, somehow I’m also feeling excited for you! Haha! I have a very close girl friend who has ever told me that she became stronger ever since her boy was born. And her boy is really her joy because being a mom is the greatest thing ever happen to her! And I wish you all the best too and hope you will be like her… enjoy motherhood…!

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