Happiness is not about having a lot, but being “careless”.

Over the weekend, we drove to Selfoss, where one of the biggest National Park of Iceland is. It was 50-year-old birthday of a friend.

It was so beautiful on the way, snow covering the mountains, mosses, and the sky, it was kind of blue that take your breath away.

I feel very lucky every time I see the landscape like this.


The hotel we stayed called “Borealis“, very warming and family-friendly atmosphere. The party went very well, I even saw the Northern light after dinner. They were so bright and dancing through the sky.


Happiness is as simple as that, it’s not about having a lot of “stuff”, but being a bit “careless”. We should live in harmony and sometimes think in other people’s shoes, let go things. What belongs to you will eventually come to you, what doesn’t belong to you, whatever you do, it will only go away from you.




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