Kiss me, it’s my birthday!

I dreamt that I was swimming in the ocean.

Large bodies of water, like a sea or the ocean, are usually considered to symbolize your unconscious and your emotions.

If you dream of swimming underwater, then you may be exploring your unconscious, doing some soul-searching or inner work and undergoing inner changes.

Looking back 2016, it’s a changing point for me. We travelled 9 countries, my parents and cousin came to Iceland in summer, and my pregnancy is the cherry of a cake.

Sometimes, I wonder how I life would be if I haven’t met my husband. I would probably still like Alice in the wonderland, searching for the happiness. One of the most precious things that I learnt from being with my husband is the FAMILY value. He has a big family, and I always believe that man has big family also has a big heart.

I must admit that I’m a lucky girl. Life has been very good to me. I believe one of the most important things is that you have always to be honest to yourself, only that, you can be satisfied of your choice and be happy, thus make people around you happy as well.

At my 31st birthday, I only wish that the people love me and I love are happy and healthy. Life is a journey, we come across some people at some point of our life, this is destiny, however and whenever it ends, it makes part of our life. We should appreciate everyday wake up in the sunshine, breath the fresh air, have people we love around us and be able to say “I love you”.



5 thoughts on “Kiss me, it’s my birthday!

  1. Saying “I Love You” is not as easy as we think so. We only say “I Love You” to our partners and our children, neglecting those whom grew up with us, and of course, friends who have walked with us through certain rough patches….

      • Life is indeed full of unexpected. But I’m much older than you, 16 years gap and somehow I feel happy for you that you are already working on mindfulness and meditation (do you?) at such a young age. That’s a good sign for you will be able to handle life’s ups and downs…

      • You gave me too much credit. I try to work on mindfulness but not yet meditation (only when I’m doing yoga). I do hope that one day I can learn how to surf, on the wave of life.

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