The restaurent which deserves one michelin star.

We’ve been dining all over Iceland, yet this one is definitely one of the finest.

It’s located in one of the most popular tourist places – Blue Lagoon.

After dipping yourself into the geothermal bath after a long hour, a bubbling wine and a light meal is what you deserve.

The decoration in LAVA Restaurant is a mixture of modern and mixture, with lava cliff and big windows to the lagoon / swimming area.

They used to serve the best sushi in the country during lunch time, and now they are selling them in the Café area.


I had a non-alcoholic cocktail drink , which is a blender of smashed strawberries and basils, refreshing and very lady-like.


Starter: Porched artic char with picked cucumber, picked pearl onion.

The fish is cooked into perfection, melt right into your mouth.


Main: Grilled cleric root with spiced chickpeas and dill oil.


For dessert we chose a cheese plate, they’re all Icelandic cheese.

Clockwise from top to bottom are : white moulded cheese (4 weeks), Gull (another white moulded cheese, a bit stronger than the former one), Yellow cheese (12 month), Blue cheese and the most interesting one “ljótur”(which means ugly in English), it’s a cheese between white moulded and blue cheese.

It’s the first time I tried to pair blue cheese with chocolate, and it’s not bad at all.

So if you’re travelling to Iceland, please stop by Lava Restaurant, I’m sure you’ll not be regretted.



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