Sophisticated Chinese New Year sweet treat

We all know that France is famous for their sweets, but do you know that in China we also have very sophisticated dessert, specially when it comes to the Chinese new year.


Chai Pao (soaked in tea)

They are more of a art than a food. They are made of a special Chinese winter melon, carefully craved then cooked in a sugar syrup for a long time. And then slowly dry with the wind.

To enjoy, make a cup of green tea, and drop in one piece of sweet melon.


Zao tang (candy for the Kitchen God)

A sweet original from Northern China.

It is a kind of candy made of maltose that people in China use as a sacrifice to the kitchen god around the twenty third day of the twelfth lunar month just before Chinese New Year. Guandong tang refers to stick shaped candy with a thickness of 2 cm and a hollow in the center. Tanggua is made into melon shape and sometimes with sesame on the surface.


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