Words written at the end of 2015

For no reason, I waked up at 2:30 am and couldn’t fall asleep again.

Many things come through my mind…

2015 has been a turning point for me. Two big trips, first to Thailand then the Cruise. Not only I experienced the parachute, taking picture with a tiger, but also a party in Miami beach. But most of all, I had a job, a job that I used to dream about, waking up in the kitchen, cutting onions, making crème brûlée, baking bread, etc. And what the dream comes true tastes like? Sweet-bitter.


I’m a very lucky person. In a way, I go by instinct. I don’t usually judge people. I believe that everyone is unique, has his struggles that no one knows. I respect other people’s opinions. I’m a good listener.

Yes, that’s what I’m good at – listening. On other hand, I wish I could be more enthusiastic, more optimistic. I want to be a goes.

Working in the kitchen teaches me how to be quick, be flexible, be determined and believe in myself. It’s both physical and mental demanding. But because it’s my passions, because I’m working with the people I like, I feel good and I always see my boss as my life safer in a way. He can certainly be a drama queen, but he’s reasonable and a man has the head in the cloud but feet in the earth.


Therefore I want to make some resolutions for 2016.

  1. keep being myself, never change.
  2. do what makes me happy, because only when you’re happy, can you make people around you happy.
  3. appreciate this wonderful life, express love more often.
  4. speak more Icelandic.
  5. read and listen French daily.
  6. have long hair for the summer.
  7. build a green house, having plants and take good care of them.
  8. start jogging.
  9. meditate 5 minutes per day.
  10. keep in touch with old friends.

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