Icelandic skyr, cream and BLUEBERRIES !!

When I lived in France, my regular breakfast was toast (with butter and jam), soft boiled egg and coffee. And this habit hadn’t been changed for almost four years !

And now, four year since I’m in Iceland, I believe that I found my new love, which is plain skyr, cream and blueberries. These three things go perfectly together. I was not a big fan of cream, but Icelandic cream they’re so good that you can hardly say no to it. And Icelandic skyr? It’s becoming a trendy in some restaurants to either serve it as an appetite or dessert, of course, they’ll do something fancier to enlighten the humble skyr. For most Icelanders, skyr means school, kids and not fancy at all ! One of my friends, she got so “amazed” when it’s served with a lobster soup.


In one of the finest restaurants in Reykjavik, they serve skyr as appetite with olive oil and basil oil tomato confit.


In Iceland, bilberries (known as aðalbláber, or “prime blueberry”) grow predominantly in Westfjords and the surrounding area. In most of the country, the closely related bláber occupy the same habitat. Both species are commonly found growing with dwarf birch and crowberries. Wild growth is vast compared to the population of Iceland and wildharvesting is legal. As a consequence, it is a popular activity in August when the berry season peaks. A popular use for bilberries is to eat them with skyr.

There’re two annual blueberry pick up festival in Iceland, one is in Súðavík (Blueberry days) in the West Fjords and another one is Ólafsfjörður, which is also an art and music festival. Both festivals run from August 16 to 18.


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