Last day 2014

Waked up by a strange dream, it was barely 6:30.
Christmas tree glimmered in the salon, wind blowing outside.
Taking a quick shower without turning on the light, brush teeth for 3 minutes, jump into pajama, and start to cut grape fruit and boil my chai tea. It’s almost becoming a routine for the month.
I used to drink earl gray with honey and lemon in the morning, since it’s winter, I feel the chai tea is warmer and feel more like Christmas.


Time flies, last Christmas and New Year’s Eve is still very vivide. Yet this year is much cozier, Christmas Eve with my husband and his mother, Christmas Day with his children. It’s the darkest period in Iceland, the daylight is only 3-4 hours, that’s why people putting on lights by the windows, hanging bling-bling on the trees, sometimes less is more, but during Christmas, more is more.



The last day of 2014, I want to make some resolutions.
1. Speak icelandic
2. Stay healthy, try to get totally rid of “eating disorder”
3. Look into tourist business opportunity, maybe establish an agency
4. Connect more to people, friends in Paris, both families in Shanghai and in Iceland
5. Travel at least twice
6. Pick up my Canon
7. Keep update the blogs
8. Enjoy the moment while work for the future



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