A playful little can

It was warm, no wind and the sun was shining. I believe the temperature was over ten.
Waked up at eight, went for a hot yoga at ten for one and half hour. Then walked downtown with my sister-in-law to the annual farm food market in the music concert hall – Harpa, from organic vegetables, raw chocolat, smoked meat/fish, honey, bread to ice cream.


Approaching to the X’mas, the flower shop down in Harpa decorated with all kinds of Christmas decoration. I just love it, shining, gleaming and glamour. The sun was shining though the mirror, glasses, I felt like Alice in a wonderland.
Then I found something very interesting, playful, called “spiladós” in icelandic, and in Engilsh it’s “music box”. All girls have one when they were little. You wind the box and it will play the melody, the most classic one is a girl playing ballet. Yet these ones are quite special, they’re made of bamboo or shells, very delicate.


Spíladós = music box = boîte à musique = 八音盒
Spila: to play; dós: can, tin


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