The best way to beat your enemy is to face it!

In earlier post, I mentioned that I have sometimes the craving for bread. And it happened again two times last week and it was a nightmare. It took me a whole week to recover. I can’t keep like this, this illness has to stop.

The best diet is a balanced one, no food is “healthy” or “unhealthy”. It all depends on how much you have it. Butter is fat but it can also be the cheery on a cake. We should not exclude an element from the pyramids, it may only lead to a collapse, in my case, a craving!

Therefore, both yesterday and today’s lunch, I made a toast (sour dough bread) with a cheese and a green smoothie. And I’m feeling really good, not only I’m satisfied with myself but in my mind I’m feeling much better.

And both yesterday and today’s smoothies were pretty good: home-made almond milk, spinach/kale, avocado (key to make it smooth), banana (for the digest), kiwi (for the Vc) and hemp seed (coconut for today). I start to like the idea of smoothie, because it’s not like a juice, in smoothie, you also eat the fiber.

Life is beautiful, keep focusing!



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