A very unusual Halloween

It was one of the best Halloween I’ve ever had. No crazy make-up, no ridiculous costumes and most of all, no alcohol. And I’m feeling great and refreshed! I must admit that it was not easy saying no to my favorite Bourgogne Pinot Noir. But a decision is a decision, I’m determined to stick to the plan.

We were first invited to a dinner at a relative’s home, they are amazing cooks. Home-cured Icelandic lamb as starter and smoked wild salmon as main, serve with a simple green salad (green grapes, lettuce leaves and pomegranate seeds). Even the boiled potatoes are very tasty, they’re small and new. I still remember last time we were invited to them, and we had a reindeer which she hunted! It totally blew me away.

The dinner was so good that we were 15 minutes late for an Icelandic play – The women at 1000 degrees, which I’m very interested going to see. The story is about a granddaughter of the first president of Iceland.

Since it was the one day anniversary of a local restaurent, we decided to go there have a drink. It’s a Korean-Icelandic mixed styled bistro. Meaning they use the local ingredients like cod and lamb, and tempura/deep fried them, kimchi is also very much on the menu. We had a deep fried green beans with cucumber pickles. I was very curious to try the Tofu cheese with strawberry, too bad they were sold out.

We called off the night by going to a newly opened hotel – Alda. They were promoting the Jack Daniel’s whisky, the waiters were dressed like doctors, which make the bar looks like a labatoria. I had a grape juice based non-alcohol cocktail, quite refreshing.

Again, I’m very pleased that I was not drinking any alcohol and this morning when I waked up by the crazy wind at 7h15, I’m feeling fairly well even though we didn’t go to sleep until 3 o’clock in the morning.




Looking back my Halloween history, mostly went wild. But it was the youth, now I’m feeling I’m over that stage and want a more cozy life.


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