A good bow of salad as smoothie

In my 2nd day’s smoothie, the ingredients are below: lettuce leaves, cucumber, coconut, seeds, oranges, paprika, feta cheese (well ok this one was a bit weird), black olive (why not), mango and pepper mint tea as liquid.

What if I literately blend this bow of salad into smoothie, what would it be? Not very appetizing I would think.

Even though I made up my mind to take the 30 days green smoothie challenges. I do prefer the food as they are, apple should be crunchy, spinach should have a funny effect to the mouth and after eating mango, you would spend the next five minutes tipping your teeth and so on. That’s the real food, the real feeling.


However, it’s very convenient and appealing to those who doesn’t have time to prepare lunch, also those who don’t eat much fruits and greens.


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