Everything is about feeling

I don’t know what to talk about.

Shall we talk about the movie I watched last night?

Shall we talk about the marvellous udon noodle that I cooked?

Shall we talk about the package I received from Paris?

or shall we talk about the missing Malaysia airline?

Sometimes I imagine the life of others. Friends in Shanghai who work all days long, without spare time for themselves; friends in Paris who having apéro in the sun with wines or tourists walking on Laugavegur, I’m always wondering where they come from and what brings them coming to Iceland. Yet I don’t think one should ever put oneself into another person’s shoe, because you never know what’s in the head of another person. My boyfriend once told me the most thing he enjoyed in Paris was sitting in an outdoor café, watching people passing by. Well I do say I love also observing people, see how they talk to each other and look into each other.


photo credit: La Scarzuola

Last weekend, we met a couple at a restaurent. We were also with a couple, who are expecting a baby in two weeks. That couple sitting next to our table were about to pay the bill when my boyfriend started talking to them. Then we know that they’re tourist from Berlin, he’s German and she’s American. They would end up their trip at Blue Lagoon restaurent the day after, where we also planned to go. Naturally my boyfriend suggested why shouldn’t we dine together. I could tell from their faces that they were more than surprised and would rather like to have the privacy for their last dinner in Iceland (specially the Lava Restaurent in Blue Lagoon is rather a fancy and romantic place). They murmured to each other and after a while they stood up and said: very nice meeting you guys, having a great evening.

Anyhow, the next day, we went to the Blue Lagoon. I almost forgot about that couple. Then when we walked into the restaurant, we both noticed that they were there. Our eyes met, an awkward moment occurred. In my head was this “Shall we walk to them or shall we just smile”.

We smiled.


photo credit: Eating goat penis with American’s one percent


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