Dream colour

When I waked up this morning, everything was covered with snow. It’s like Christmas again. Although just few days before, it was nothing but sunshine and endless blue sky.

Well it’s in March, and it’s in Iceland, you can expect almost EVERYTHING.

Again, I waked up rather early, something around 6 and I couldn’t fall asleep again. The only sound is from the heater and the bird singing. There’re lots of ravens in Iceland. People in Asian countries think it’s a bad sign to see a raven, or a black cat. Actually they believe that the black colour somehow related to the misfortune, while the red is glamour. Black for the funeral, red for the wedding.


I find Nordic people have a preference for cold colour – black, gray, brown, blue, white and fine line, while Topical people use much more warm colour – orange, red, green, yellow and abstract patterns.

Last day when I was walking in the middle center Reykjavik, I found that most people are dress in dark colour. It reminds me when I was in Paris, black is the colour you see the most. I even have friend who has nothing but black and gray colour in her closet. Shall I say that she’s “a la mode” or she’s just being “lazy”.

Well I have no right to judge others since me myself fancy black too. It’s chic, elegant and can not go wrong.

A friend recently shared with me an exhibition she went in Paris, of Serge Poliakoff, a french painter, original from Russia. His work is a lot about the relationships between line and surface, form and content, colour and light, which many people call it “the form of dream”.



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