When I accidentally waked up at 6:30

It’s been almost a week that I kept seeing the Northern Light, right from my balcony, the very center of reykjavik. While the temperature is low enough up and the sky is clear enought, it pretty much the chance to see the Light.

I remember the first time I saw it was almost two years ago, it was in October, at Blue Lagoon. Yet it was not very spectaculars, I was happy though. The point is that, on the way back to reykjavik that night, my boyfriend stopped the car in the middle of the darkness, turned all the lights off and asked me to go out of the car. I didn’t know what to expect. Then he handed me a beautiful red rose and said: I love you. You’re the woman of my life. It was freezing yet I felt very very warm in the heart.

People say this green light is magic, if you make a wish, it will come true. Well, people also stay that about the falling star.

IMG_6272I got up accidentally at 6:30 this morning because of the broken alarm. I like waking up early sometimes, it’s another world, specially during the winter time. The sky won’t get bright until ten or eleven. Yet with the approach of spring/summer, it’s getting brighter and brighter everyday. I complain sometimes why it’s always dark in winter, but now I miss this darkness, because within, it’s a soft romance.

So I took a shower, jumped into pajama, cut myself a grape fruit and kiwi and a English breakfast tea I bought yesterday. The sky begins to clearing up, kind a salmon, aubergine color. I’m always amazed how beautiful the sky is in Iceland. It’s absolutely breath-taking. Once we drove back to reykjavik on a sunset, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt like I was having a party with God. With this view, all the worries are gone, nothing but the pure beauty.


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