bye bye Beetle

It’s funny cos today is the last day I’ll drive my Beetle while the last post was “Hit the Road”. We have to return it to the garage for the repair. Three damages had been made. Like many other things, I sometimes overestimate myself. Well anyhow after “abandoning” my blog for 3 months, that’s not how I like to restart it.

Life goes on, ups and downs. Long-endless-winter somehow got on my nerves. Every time when I went to the cinema, watching people living in hot country, I said to myself, I wanted to be there. I want to be in the South Africa, I want to be in Morocco, I want to be in India, but life clapped on my face, hey it’s your own choice, you chose to be in this bloody island.


People say you always miss what you don’t have cos we’re all greedy bastards. True.

However, I’m feeling very blessed because I have a man who loves me just how I am. We don’t pretend to be someone else greater than we are. Love is not about seeing your reflection in another person but complete yourself with another half, the half that’s been lost somehow somewhere…




After all, I’m very looking forwards to my next “Beetle”.


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