I just heard that a new restaurant, run by exclusive starred French chef Guy Martin, will be opened in the ground-floor of Guerlain boutique in Paris on Champs-Élysées. What an idea to open a restaurant with a perfume store!

Guerlain for me is much more than a simple perfume. It reminds me of Paris, of people I care very much and of love. I received my 25th birthday gift a bottle of Guerlain. I love the fusion smell of rose and vanilla since. It’s chic, it’s parisian and it’s mysterious.

Yet for some strange reasons, I stopped using any perfume since I moved to Iceland. I can not explain why. I heard that everyone is born with a certain scent. But if you use too much chemical product on your body, the scent will finally fade out. So now actually the only thing I put on is the baby lotion from Johnson & Johnson. I can not find the authentic cream in a pink bottle, which is my favorite. Yet I found the powder, shampoo and body oil.

After all, either Guerlain or J&J, they both exist as memory for me, rather a simple perfume.



picture source: Du nez au palais


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