Frozen elephant yoghurt

I had a fairly strange dream last night – being an elephant putting into the fridge!
“Do you think you (as elephant) could be fit into a fridge?”
“Not when I’m still alive…”
(People laugh)

I believe those who read “Little prince” know better the original story. With the same drawing, the adults see a hat yet the little prince see a snake swallow a huge elephant! I always remember the story. It was good.
so I have absolutely no idea why I dream being an elephant.

Most of the time, I remember my dream. Like a week before, I dreamt flying, like a witch. That was nice. I believe that has something to do with my driving license since I just got one during that time.


also used to dream a lot about losing all my teeth. That was terrible! Although since I went to the teeth doctor a month ago, I haven’t dreamt it yet.

Anyhow, dream stays a dream. Some people say it’s your mind mix everything you see and hear during the day with your very deep thought. I don’t know. The only thing I find fascinating is that if one can remember, even better, draw all his dream, he’d be the most creative and great artist in the world.

I remember when I was a small girl, living in Shanghai, every morning, we have milk-deliver to our home, very fresh, in a glass bottle. And I love specially the yoghurt, they’re sour and old and extremely tasty. You don’t get this kind of yoghurt nowadays. So I decided to make my own.

I did make before but with a machine, then I realised that the only thing you need is the perfect temperature. First heat 1L of milk right below the boiling point, secondly let the milk cooling down until it’s just warm to touch, thirdly stir in half box of plain yoghurt slowly, last but not the least, keep the mixture in a warm place for 6 hours at least (depends on how thick you like your yoghurt is).

And ta….daaaa…the result is quite satisfactory. I love home-made stuff, they’re much more healthy and fun.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


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