“Cooking with Dog”

Yesterday was a football match between Iceland and Croatia. I don’t care so much about match, yet it’s a good opportunity for family gathering. So we have this sushi night.

The tricky thing about making dinner for more than four people is that you don’t quite know the quantity of food. I believe that makes the difference between a restaurant chef and “chef” like me. Although my experience is that the more you cook, the more people eat. so basically it’s never enough or not enough.

So I went for about 250g of rice, 600g raw salmon, 2 cucumber, 2 avocado and a 5 nori. My plan was to make maki and also the Vietnam vegetarian spring roll. The making of sushi is time-consuming, if you want your maki look “restaurant-standard”.

The result is quite satisfying. I succeeded to make 4 rolls of California maki (which you cut down into small bite pieces), 3 rolls of normal maki and the rest salmon went for sashimi.

I followed the instruction of Cooking with Dog, a youtube channel run by a Japanese chef, it’s hilarious because every time she cooks, there’s a “princess-dog” next to her. Plus I do believe she does real, authentic Japanese cooking.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


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