How to wear an Icelandic sweater

To buy an Icelandic hand-knit wool sweater is a MUST, in Icelandic, is ”lopapeysa“.

Yet as ”must” as it seems, it’s quite tricky to choose smartly and wear in your own style.

First of all, ALWAYS choose the gray, white or black colour, with the classic Icelandic pattern. Because they’re the colour of sheep, no dye process, which makes the wool much more soft and a longer consistency.

Concerning how to wear it, well, it doesn’t have hundreds ways. But you have to have a turtle-neck cotton sweater under since the raw wool can make your neck feels itchy.

My advice if you want to be fashion with this authentic sweater, you buy over-sized and tight it with a belt. It looks very smart. Like the latest A/W collection of Comme des Garçon oversized flat coat.


picture source: The L+A Diary



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