Mr. Glacier and his K bar

More and more restaurants, bars, guest houses, souvenir shops …

The tourist business is booming in Reykjavik.


Last night, I went to a restaurant bar only few steps from where I live, called “K-bar”, I understood the meaning of “K” as soon as I see the menu. Korean, japanese, asian infused. It’s totally my cup of tea.

The decoration is retro, canteen-styled, warm, cozy.


When we talked to the owner, he said that it’s his 3rd opening in Reykjavik, he has another one called “OK Hotel”, and the reason for this famous “K” is also because his wife and daughter has letter “K” in their names, how sweet is it!


Since they just opened two days ago, the cocktail they’re having are limited, I tried one of their house cocktails – Cilantro Sour, which I thought was Silencio (a trendy David Lynch night club in Paris). I totally loved it. It’s made of gin, lime juice, sugar syrup and coriander. It’s smooth, attractive and refreshing.


One of the funnies thing is that the name of the owner of the bar is Jökull, which in Icelandic means Glacier.


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