Stairway to Heaven

It’s been a great weekend. I don’t know where to commence.

We first went to stay in a 4-starred hotel, 2-hour-drive to the south of Reykjavik, called Hotel Ranga. It’s actually the 2nd time we went there, first time was to celebrate the 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend.

We had a unbelievable beautiful weather there. The sun was shining, the wind was smooth, everything’s turning pale yellow and it’s absolutely breath-taking.


Since it’s the season of harvest, in Icelandic tradition, they have a special game menu, meaning, you have all kinds of wild food, wild mushroom, wild salmon, wild puffin (kind of bird existed only in Iceland and part of Scotland), wild lamb meat and of course wild icelandic mountain blueberries picked by hands. You can imagine after all theses wild treat, it’s hard for anyone not going wild.


We had dinner with a very dear friend of my boyfriend and his fiancé. They’re both turning 80 next year. Yet he’s in a very good shape, he’s such a gentleman and a man of experience. Here, I have to tell this story.

He and his nowadays fiancé was actually the first lovers. They met at middle school at the age of 15, they fell in love. Then they got both married. But after both of their spouses passed away, they got together again! Now they’ve been living together for more than 2 years and they’re still as in love as they were 15. “You have to kiss the person you love everyday and tell her that you love her” he said. They’re the most beautiful couples I’ve ever met.


Show love to the people you care for, give them hugs, kiss them. It doesn’t cost anything, in return, you receive so much love and caring that make you a loving person.



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