Few words about Icelandic pictures

Talking about Icelandic picture, you might not be very familiar with. me neither. 

The very first Icelandic picture I saw was “Dancer in the Dark”, which actually is not an Icelandic one, but with the famous singer Björk. I was in university when I first saw it and I loved it. 


The second one was “101 Reykjavik”, which I saw last year at Bío Paradis, a local antique-styled cinema. It was ok but nothing impressive. A nice picture to see during the Christmas time I would say.



Then it comes the third one, Of Horses and Men, in icelandic “Hross í oss”(horses in us). It was actually quite hilarious. The story is about the relations between human beings and horses. The post is very attention-catching. I must say the humour are very nordic, meaning the jokes are all alcoholic, sex and snow concerned. But I like the way it was filmed. Horses are like humans, they also have soul. 



Now, I’m very looking forward to see “This is Sanlitun”, an icelandic picture films in Beijing. This was also an opening picture during the Reykjavik Film Festival. 




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