Girl with Buddha-palm-tee

Two night ago, I went to my favourite wine bar in town, “Tíu Dropar” (ten Drops). I like the French-like atmosphere there, it’s located in a cellar, not big, but with a fine collection of wine. Another reason I like there is also because they use the empty wine bottles as candle holders, and let the wax flows. 

As soon as I entered the bar, I noticed a girl sitting by herself by the bar, with a glass of red wine. Immediately, I liked her and wanted to talk to her. It happens when you feel a good aroma about a person and it’s unexplainable. 

She’s wearing a short washed-blue jean with a tee full of buddha-palms. It’s simply although absolutely fashionable. I asked her what’s the brand, and it turns out to be a British brand “Monki“.  

Reykjavík is small yet magical city!

Hands – Yohji Yamamoto


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