Life is love

Last night was the closure of RIFF, I would had been so disappointed if I haven’t seen any pictures. Therefore, I went for a French lesbian love, called “Blue is the warmest colour”, which won a Palme d’Or in Cannes this year. The fact that the picture lasts for 3 hours discourage me a bit, I still wanted to give it a try, since I always have a weakness for everything that is French.


Well, I would not say that I regret seeing it, but it’s not as good as I expected. First of all, the picture is too long to me, 3 hours sitting in front of the big screen almost killed my neck, plus there’re lots of unnecessary details. Secondly, the loving-making-scenes are too brutal, too much, not artistic enough. I did feel a bit awkward with certain scenes. Last not the least, nothing “dramatic” happens in the end, a missing of “wow” effect. Nothing really deep revealed inside this relationship. Adèle was just turned 18 when she realised that she preferred women to man, but still when she feels lonely, she had sex with her male colleague. She struggles a lot with herself.

For some reasons, this picture reminds me of another french picture, “Amour“, describing love between an old couple. Same topic, different angels.

Life is all about love and being loved. No matter who we are, since we’re born, we seek for love, desire love. Remember three nights before, I went for a symphony, was to celebrate the 70 years diplomatic relation between Iceland and Russia. In the end of the show, the conductor said “life is love” and played their last piece, Tango.

I always believing “Sharing is caring”. So if you love someone, you care for someone, call him, write him a mail, share your inspirations with others.



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