Love is strange

Why when people get sick they become another person? Will love become hate in the end? My grandfather said bad things to my grandmother yesterday during lunch time again.

It’s been more than two months since he’s in hospital. His mind is clear but he can not walk. He stays in bed all day long. My grandmother goes to hospital every morning before eight and comes back home after eight. She herself is not made of iron, although she never complain about anything. He always say to her that you put me in the hospital, now you’re happy? I can not even walk! I dreamt of my dad last night and he asked me to go with him, then you’ll be happy. You just leave me alone, don’t bother; things like that.

We all know that he says that on propose, she’s the only one who takes care of him without saying a word. Why he says things like this to the one who loves him the most? I don’t understand. If I were my grandmother, I’m not sure I can bear that.

On the contrary to my grandfather, my aunt’s still protecting her husband, a man who’s been living on her forever. He never have had a decent job, the only thing he did was praise her, made her feel like she’s the most beautiful thing in the whole world. But what now? She’s very sick, instead of taking good care of her, he does nothing. He doesn’t even let their neighbors know that his wife is deadly sick. He thinks being sick is a shameful thing. Even so, she still keep saying that my husband is a good man.

It reminds me a picture I saw a month ago “L’amour”. I didn’t like it at the first sight. The story is about the love between two old people. The picture tells us love is not always a glamour but a daily life, simply but nature. It hurts, it tortures you from inside out, sometimes it hurts so much that you have to end it with your own hands.

To be honest, I didn’t like it at first, I found it too “daily”, which many people would describe it as a “French elegance”. A picture is a picture, not our daily blabla, it should be dramatic, otherwise, everyone can take up the camera and say “hey let’s make a movie”. Anyhow, it’s only my personal opinion.



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