One’s character decides his destiny

There’re many things in the world you can not simply give an answer YES or NO. It’s not like when you’re madly in love with a person, when he asks you DO YOU LOVE ME.

Chinese people do a tremendous job with it. They never say YES neither NO. They say YES MAYBE or NO BUT…You can not blame on them, millions of years history makes this nation learnt something called GRAY.

2013-03-01 10.15.32

They believe that being in the MIDDLE is the safest, saying something GRAY is the most polite way. They let you understand their true meaning.

I read something this morning: Be ware of what you think cause it’ll become your speech; be ware of your speech cause it’ll become your action; be ware of your action cause it’ll become your habit; be ware of your habit cause it’ll influence your character; be ware of your character cause it decides your destiny.

2013-03-01 10.13.13


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