A Sunday afternoon at Zen Café

Yesterday I had an afternoon tea with my former university roomates. We haven’t seen each other for more than three years!

Old chinese saying says “Three ladies performance a play”. What happens when it comes to four? One of them became mother of a 18-month-baby, which is logical. She’s always been the one who follows the “track”, grab a job after graduation, stayed for two years, met the nowadays husband, quit the job, give birth to the baby, after a year, she’s working again, a new job, new life style, new surroundings. And she’s only 27 now. I would say that it’s quite a perfect life. Another one, who has all the independence a lady should have, a house, a car, a decent job and a cat. Wait, something’s now fit. Yes, a cat not a man. During the whole time, she’s talking about how worried her parents are how unwilling she is that her parents are arranging the date. She has a man-like character which is why many gentlemen are not fond of or afraid of, since the men in Shanghai are known as lady-like. But I like her, I admire her. She’s funny, she’s straight forward and she’s artistic. The third one, well, she’s probably one of the most simply girls I’ve ever met. I used the word girl instead of lady because she still acts like a little girl! Allow me, this kind of character is a gift, especially in nowadays. People chasing the fame, the money, we all becoming more or less materialism. But she’s not. She just got married 6 months ago, her husband was her boyfriend since they were in middle school! She’s planning to have a baby, opening an online boutique selling clothes. They live quite far from Shanghai, about 2-hour-trafit. So they barely go to the city, most of the time, they just stay in their town.

Photo from Shanghaiwow

Well…what about me? Since I left Shanghai five years ago, I never settled down again, being here and there. Don’t I want to be settled? Of course I do. I thought of finding a stable job in Shanghai; rent a small apartment in the middle center, having a cat and a lover; spend the weekend with my family; flirting with my ex-boyfriend just to practice my French. Then what? I’ll probably be back to the track. But I forgot one thing, one important thing, my very first dream-to open a small café and going around the world with the person I love. I know I still can go abroad even in shanghai, but living abroad and traveling is totally different. Yes I’m out of job, yes I’m not independent yet, yes I’m a strange wild girl, so what? I have the dream which I’ll never give up.

After all, few words about this french styled cafe. Not like his name, it’s not actually a zen place. As a small cafe in such a chic area, first, you don’t have enough spaces to other people; second, you know for sure that on weekends, you’ll have to queue. The coffee and the cake are all right, no too much suprises, the decoration is retro/vintage. But the place is not obvious to find, it’s on the 2nd floor upto its own design store. Although its easily-missed entrance has a mysterious touch to this cafe, it’s not on my top 10 for sure.


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