Why some people wants to be a vegan?

I believe that tonight is the first night that I couldn’t fall asleep since we moved into this downtown apartment. The wind has been blowing crazily like forever, typical icelandic.

And I was lying on the bed, wondering all I ate for dinner and what should I cook for tomorrow…oh my god! Why the heck I’m so obsessed with the food? It drives me crazy. And a strange idea occurs to me out of no where, hey, why not try being a vegetarian Yingzi? To be honest, I don’t quite understand why some people wants even to be a vegan? There’re so many good food out there, look what they gonna missing, all the lovely sea food, the good omega-3 (essential to have the great skin), the sashimi, not to mention the strict vegetarian! (how could they even survive, seriously, without any milk/egg/protein)? However, I wanna give it a try! To be a vegan. It’s not totally new, I was in a detox program about four months ago, I didn’t have any animal fat (no egg, no milk product). It was tough in the end. But I made it. This time would be different, I’ll allow myself to have some eggs (I love eggs) and milk (especially yoghurt).

And hopefully I could get some sleep soon. It’s such a suffering not to be able to fall asleep.

go vegan


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