Why the heck I’m dealing with Icelandic?

It’s been almost four months that I officially settled down in Iceland. To be honest, icelandic IS a hard bone! It’s more difficult than I expected. I thought that my French would help, actually it confuses me more. The words are never the same depends on the context, it has four cases, it’s one of the oldest language ever existed, it hasn’t been changed a lot since thousand year, the pronunciation is strange, brief, it is a difficult language. Sometimes, I even ask myself, why the heck I’m learning it? Because it’s “cool” for a Chinese speaking icelandic? Because then I can understand the Sigur Rós songs? Because it’s mystic? No, because I am in Iceland and to learn the local language is also to show your volunteer integrate into the society, because I want to and I’ll not give up! After all, it’s just a language, isn’t it?

View from our living room


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