Obsessed with crème brûlée

Few days ago, I researched this old classy movie “My best friend’s wedding”. About the end of the movie, there’s a line goes like this:
Julianne is trying to win Michael back, and she said to Kimmy, that image in a restaurant, Michael ordered a crème brûlée as dessert, suddenly he realized that it’s not that he really want, although it looks golden, fancy, sweet and tasty, he wants the Jell-O, which makes he feel more comfortable.

Julianne Potter: No. Crème brûlée can never be Jell-O. YOU could never be Jell-O.
Kimmy Wallace: I HAVE to be Jell-O!
Julianne Potter: You’re never gonna be Jell-O! Now you need to come clean with your parents about this wedding because if you wait for the “Do you take this man?” part, it’s considered poor form.

I know a man who’s obsessed with this dessert, once we went to our favorite restaurant with two friends, he ordered this for all of us. When it came to the table, he wasn’t satisfied with it, he asked the kitchen to redo it, the kitchen did, after ten minutes, he had it back, but again, he wasn’t satisfied, since the sugar wasn’t exactly the way he likes. He asked the kitchen to redo again, everyone got a bit embossed, but the kitchen did. Finally, he had it for the 3rd time, I can tell from his face, that he still not liked it. And the reason the kitchen gave was : they don’t have the right sugar. I asked why he liked crème brûlée so much, he said: because you can never get the same!


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