After a long pause, I picked up Yoga again this morning.

I didn’t know why THIS morning, is there anything special happened? No. Is my body’s talking to me “hey lazy girl it’s about time”? No. Am I felt suddenly felt so fresh this morning that I’m motivated enough to go? No! None of the reasons.

Although it is about time. I’ve been keeping practicing Yoga for the last few months, but since we moved to the new house, which is about a month ago. For some strange reasons, I dropped.

Life in this house is quite different, the atmosphere around, the Feng Shui as called in Chinese. Accident happened a week before the X’mas. Since then, I had hard time pull myself back again to the right thyme. Probably it’s also because of the X’mas, the New Year, everything is in kind a slow motion, in the hold.

Actually it’s not only about to pick up the Yoga, but also more about myself. I should be enthusiastic enough for the job hunting. I should adjust my mind, keep in balance. I should try to avoid all the negative thinking. I should I should I should…

The weather been quite horrible these days, although we had few sunbeam on the 1st January 2013, while me, my finance and his two friends out of town. Still, I need the sun to  embrace me, to weep the shadow, to awake my soul.

Back to the subject, yes, the moment I unrolled my Yoga carpet this morning, I made up my mind that it’s about time to pick up the falling pieces little by little. And tonight, I’m reading an unfinished book “Eat, Pray, Love”, which has been on my book list for quite a while. (I still remember the 2nd time I went to see this movie in Paris, was a regular afternoon during the weekdays, only about 10 people in one of the biggest hall. I sat right in the middle of the hall, was totally touched by the movie)

Elizabeth just arrived India, questioned herself why practicing Yoga.

Yoga, in Sanskrit, can be translated as “union.¨It originally comes from the root word yuj, which means “to yoke,” to attach yourself to a task at hand with ox-like discipline. And the task at hand in Yoga is to find union – between mind and body, between the individual and her God, between our thoughts and the source of our thoughts, between teacher and student, and even between ourselves and our sometimes hard-to-bend neighbours. In the West, we’ve mainly come to know Yoga through its now-famous pretzel-like exercises for the body, but this is only Hatha Yoga, one limb of the philosophy. The ancients developed these physical stretches not for personal fitness, but to loosen up their muscles and minds in order to prepare them for meditation. It is difficult to sit in stillness for many hours, after all, if your hip is aching, keeping you from contemplating your intrinsic divinity because you are too busy contemplating, “Wow…my hip really aches.”

Personally, I believe that’s what I need for the moment, to find myself, to clear my mind.

The wind is still blowing outside, sometimes it’s as if someone’s walking on the roof, the crack of the wooden floor.

Om Namah Shivaya.

I honor the divinity that resides within me.


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