Let it snow!

When I waked up this morning, all was covered with gorgeous snow. That is how the Christmas should be. It’s been a crazy but cozy Christmas. Crazy because only a week ahead of Christmas, the roof of our living was burned because of the stupid chimney, it was a mess. Although I believe we could probably laugh at it few years after; after all, it’s cozy, we invited our friends on Christmas eve and his family on Christmas day. 

The atmosphere here is much more than that of France. People are stick to many traditions, like sitting at the table at 6 precisely, listening to the radio (from the church), like eating a smoked lamb and a smelly fish (my dad used to cook this fish once in China, I’m very curious about how icelander would eat it), like no wine on the table (according to my finance, it’s because for them, Christmas is about family and kids, having alcohol on the table is not proper). 

Time flies, in few days, it would be the New Year. From where we live, we could see the whole Reykjavik city, with the fireworks. I simply can’t wait for it!



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