When we were young…

This morning, I received an email from a special person.

We used to be very close to each other, soul mate as you may say, about 6,7 years ago.

Since I left Shanghai, we only communicated through weibo (chinese facebook), to see what’s happening in his world. We barely called, and we met once in 5 years. It was a early summer, he walked to me with a slippers, short, clean T-shirt and a back bag, just as a school boy. Then we walked in a campus, talking, wandering around. That was the first and the only time I went back to Shanghai in 5 years. I can not explain what exact is attracting me of him, maybe his photos, his words or his velvet-like voice.

We have never been boyfriend/girlfriend. Deep in our heart, we know that we can not be together. We’re very alike. Or maybe the kids from the 80s’ are somewhat similar. We’re living a honey life, still we’re complaining about everything. The only-child policy makes us selfish. We take things for granted, we don’t plan much, we don’t cherish what we’re having now. We’re always asking for more and more and more…greedy bastard!

I ignore since why, I’m becoming a very calm person. It seems that I can handle much pressures although I’m not a “living in MY way” person. I’m very much living in the eyes of the others. And I hate it! I hope I could more like someone, who’s always focusing on what HE  wants, he does everything to make things happen. He’s probably the most impulsive I’ve ever met. And for some strange reasons, we’re very madly in love.

double rainbow


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