Everything’s permitted in December

Time flies but we are not pilot!

Clearly remember what I was doing this time last year…I was doing the intern as journalist in a communication agency in Paris. I’ve been to the most fancy hotel in Paris to see the Christmas trees designed by famous designers, champagnes, sparkling wines, spoons foods, macaroons, that could be my dream job really.
Although the Christmas atmosphere is very much here in Iceland also. Not only trees are decorated by the lights, the radios are playing Christmas music, also wherever you go you can smell the Christmas. Right in the front of our house, there’s a huge Christmas tree! In a way, Iceland is more religious than France. People go to church to enjoy the choir.

We dine out almost every night, I said to myself, this is December, everything’s allowed, but after that, I really should have a break. I’m perfectly happy now, the only thing that bothers me is that I haven’t found a job yet. I had an appointment with one of the best headhunters in reykjavik. I’m positive that we could work things out! I have faith.

Sometimes I think that I really should work in food industry, or at least, food-related. If I had the same interest in finding a job as I to the food, I should have had job ages ago! Anyhow, finger crossed for my first future job in Iceland.


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