Killer inside

Yesterday I had a dream that I accidentally killed the project manager of my boyfriend and was trying to blame the crime on my cousin, how terrible it is!
Mostly I can remember my dreams. I used to have a book to note every dreams I had. Sometimes, I even force myself to wake up to write down the keywords (then I found the ideal nit genius since I could not fall asleep again afterward).
There’s a dream that I have had more than once, more than twice, is that I lose all my teeth. This dream is so real that I cried for joy after waking up. People say it means the new born. I think it’s simply because that I have the teeth that I really proud of that I don’t want to lose them. Cause the dream for me is nothing but the reflection/mixture of the reality and all the stuffs we’ve been thinking during the day.
I recently read that we can actually “control” our dreams, in the way we think something we want to dream of before going to sleep.
Dream – Draumur – La rêve – 梦



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