Where choose to sit?

I don’t know since when, I’m kind a addicted to soya latte. Remember the detox I did few weeks ago? Since then I only drink soya latte at coffee shop, or a good espresso (it once made me feel like drunk and a fast heart beat).
There’re not a lot of things to do in the middle center of reykjavik during the winter time, if you’re not working. The place I go often is the coffee shop. Sometimes I can stay there for the whole afternoon, reading magazines, thinking, watching people come and go, learning icelandic, etc. sometimes I like to sit by the window, sometimes I like to sit on the sofa, sometimes I like to sit at a corner, and most of the time I just chose the first place I see.

The best soya latte in town is the one of Kaffitar in my opinion, strong enough, with the good smell of soya juice. However, my favorite to chill is Te & Kaffi in the middle center. We can not get everything we want, can we?


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