Let’s talk about Airwaves

I’ve been dreaming of going to Airwaves the first time I heard about it. Today is the 3rd day of the festival. Despite the pain of the back (most of the time, we’re standing) and the bloody Nordic wind blows from the North Pole (sometime, the wind is so hard that we could barely walk and we have to run from one place to another during the airwaves), it’s totally fun! Personally, my knowledge to the icelandic/Nordic music is very poor, I discovered bunches of cool bands during the festival! (Agent Fresco, Django Django, Sin Fang, Purity Ring, just to name a few). And I was absolutely amazed by an icelandic heavy mental band called “HAM”. I’m not a heavy mental person, but this band is really something, with their distinguishing look.
Another band everyone’s talking about is “Od monster and man”. I didn’t expect too much of them to be honest, it’s always like this, when a band gets famous, it also gets boring. Not to mention that they’re 20 minutes late for the concert (which means we have to stand in the crowd surrounded by the mixture smell of sweat and alcohol), during the concert, they always trying to interact with the audience, in stead of trying to perform a decent show. Anyhow, people like them.
The most exciting part of the festival is that sometimes you go for a concert without having a clue of the bands! Of course, I believe that most people did their homeworks.
I’ probably a bit too old for this kind of festival. Haha. However, Harpa is a great place to hold the concerts, with both the perfect light and sound.
The picture below is my dinner last night at Café Paris, my boyfriend let the waiter choose the dishes for us and I love it!



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