Detox D6

I have to admit that yesterday was hard, especially when we sat in the Blue Lagoon restaurant, while they’re having sushi, sashimi and white wine, I can only drink water. Also this morning, I felt kind a weak. My heart was beating very fast. But after having some grapes I felt much better. Like every morning, we went to the yoga and the morning walking.

The process went through almost a week by now. I have another week to stand. My boyfriend said that he was very proud of me. It’s true that everyone has to have some disciplines, when we decide something, we have to stick to it!

After a windy rainy day yesterday, everyone is happy about the weather today, clear sky, not too much sunshine although it’s extremely fresh.


When we drove back to the hotel last night, it was pretty late. I’ve been to blur lagoon area many times although it’s the first time during the night. Everything is kind a creepy, with the smoke and the light. We felt like in a fiction movie.



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