Detox D5 – Water day

Today is the toughest day of the whole process, since it’s the water day, meaning, only water and tea are allowed. It´s 11:54 now, I’m feeling a little bit hungry, I’ve been drinking water to decrease the hunger feeling.

Our yoga teacher says that it´s all up to the mind. If we are thinking positive and keep ourselves busy, it’s not the big deal. Also it’s a good opportunity to think, to write down the things that bother us, to clear our mind, since the negative thinking in our body consume lots of energies. We should let things out!


What´s bothering me? The first thing I could think of is a decent job. It’s been couple of months since I’m active. And now I´m in this foreign country, although I have a strong support from my boyfriend and my families, I still fell a bit worried. Can I really find something I like to do here in this up north country? 

My boyfriend usually describes me as Alice in the wonderland, lots of ideas, curious about everything, but don’t know which way to go. I think that’s my main trouble in life. I have trouble in choosing. Am I too greedy or don’t know what I want? Last time, he said that he found he should control me much more than he thought. “control” he said. This word freaks me out. I don’t want to be controlled in any ways. But when he asked me how I like things be done, I turned into silence. I should not let other people decide my life, no he isn’t. I picked my way and I know it’s a right track to go. Despite the age differences, we’re perfectly happy together, and we’re growing on to each other every day. 

Yesterday during the lady’s speech, the card he picked is “You need to stop”. He smiled, “I´m always too enthusiastic.” I’m wondering what was the question in his mind, then I quit, I don’t need to know, cause I know we’ll be fine, with our love, nothing can stop us. 

We’re very lucky to find each other.




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