Sky is strange in Iceland

The wind is blowing very hard outside the window while the sun’s shining.
Totally amazed by the sky in Iceland, I’m thinking to make an album of the sky in Iceland.
The clouds here have many layers, colors and shapes.
Since I’m little, I love looking at the sky, especially when there’re airplanes fly over, wondering where they go and imagine myself in it.
And now, I’m again in this magical land, starting a new life.

We’ve been taking the yoga courses every morning. I’m very touched when the teacher said at the first class, she said: if you want to forgive yourself, do it now; if you want to have a new start, do it now; say something positive to yourself and believe in it; it’s time to let go things thus we could carry on with new life. Yoga is much about the state of mind, it can heal a person.

Now, I’m sitting here, feeling very blessed and peaceful.
The most difficult thing in life is having the balance. We have to know the both ends to have the middle. It’s time to set a goal, with the light, and carry on.



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