The sunshine’s pouring into the flat like water. Me is sitting on a red sofa, enjoying this incredible beauty. The weather has been amazing since Monday. Even better than Paris or London or even Shanghai I may say.

Every morning when Làrus off to work, I made myself a coffee with local Icelandic cream (the coffee is seriously good with this cream as Làrus may say), then sometimes an apple or an orange and the skùr (mixer between milk and yogurt). Sometimes we have light lunch together if he has times, and today I just made myself a salad with spinach and nuts, the simplest thing in the world, although very tasty. I find most of the Icelandic eat fairly healthy, first of all, they’ve one of the best fishes in the world, secondly, they only eat with olive, sea salt and not much sauce like the French cuisine. One of the Café I frequent mostly is called “Hemmi & Valdi”, one regular coffee only for 340 kr (£1,7) and you can stay as long as you like. Sometimes, they play the jazz music when the bartender is a young boy and sometimes rock/pop when it was a man of thirties with the barber. I love the atmosphere there, very cosy, full of sunshine and the books/magazines to read.
We’ve been trying restaurants in the central of Reykjavik since the place we’re living now doesn’t have a kitchen. He told me that we’d have to move since the grand Childs of his friend we’re living with now will come soon. He showed me another downtown apartment where we could live for a while before we find some other decent places.
People ask me how long I would stay in Iceland. To be honest, I have no clue. I love this country and this man. It’s something I’ve never experienced before. Yesterday we went to the bureau of immigration to have the paper for the ID number, a permission to work in Iceland. We’re thinking that I could be a guide for the Chinese tourists at first and when I talked to my parents this morning they seems happy and thought that I could somehow teach Chinese in Iceland.
I’m very blessed to have the family so supportive and even I’m still uncertain about my future, I’m not afraid. Like Làrus said, “What a person will do if one of his feet is in the past and another in the future? He’ll piss on the present! So enjoy the moment and don’t let people decide your life cause you’re the only one who’re responsible for your life.”






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